The Dream

The Veil Between
Movement Fables Contact

"The Pheonix"

This is the story of the in-between
The intermediary between worlds.

Between heaven and earth.

Between human and animal.
Between physical and spiritual.

The constant and persistent renewing of ourselves.From the ashes of ourselves, we fly"

Stills from the music video for "Glow" by LEMAT. Directed and photographed by Rodrigo Courtney.

"Mujer Maiz"
Photographed by Rodrigo Courtney, featuring Ale Renata.
Adornments by Hanna-Katarina.
Comala, Mexico 2020

The In-Between,

Photographed by Rodrigo Courtney. Mexico,2020

Stills from "El sueƱo de Alexandra"
Filmed by Ale Renata, written by and starring Ale Renata and Hanna-Katarina. Ajijic, Mexico 2020.

"Growing the Garden." Self-portraits Mexico, 2020.